Copy Whatsapp Status to Clipboard with GBWhatsapp

One of the many top features of GBWhatsapp is copying any status you like easily and even non technical normal people should easily be able to figure out the tricks using this guide. You will find the how’s in the below features.

Now … Let’s take a stroll and discuss all the essential features which this modded popular version of whatsapp has! Some of the categories are :

Always Online

Auto Reply


Scheduled Text

Toast etcetera

Sub categories :

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Turn it on to prevent receiving messages.

Hide A Contact

Hide a contact you chat with to keep them as a secret.

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Copy/Download Status

You can use this feature to copy/download the status updates of any user!!. The procedure is pretty simple, just go to the status tab, open the status and hit the three dot menu at the top right corner, you’ll find the copy/download options there.

Search and send web images directly from a chat

You can search the web for an image anytime you wish to and send it to the desired person. A lot of time is saved as you do not have to open up a new browser/image search engine and download the image and browse through the gallery to share it with anyone.

Lock Chat

You can create a personal 4 digit code to protect a chat with sensitive content which you want to keep it to yourself. Any unauthorized access can be easily prevented using this feature and everytime you wish to view the conversation with the person, you’ll need to enter the custom pin you have created!.

Go To First Message

It is not easy to remember the first message ever sent to the person and it is certainly not easy to scroll through the messages if the conversation is days/months/years long. This problem has been solved by the modified GBWhatsapp version. Now you just have to tap the three dotted button at the top right and select go to first message!.

Start a New Chat conversation easily

Just hit the search tab in the chat menu in order to find anyone you want to chat with quickly and easily and you can  even find those people you have never had a conversation with easily. The list is properly filtered according to your search query in order to list the relevant results even if you have made some typing errors.

View Statuses As List

This option helps you get a sorted list of statuses and therefore, you can download the statuses be it video/image or any other type easily and conveniently.

Hide Online Status

One of the worst nightmares is when you don’t want a person to know whether you’re online or not because of personal reasons gets to know that you’re online because you can’t hide your status. One of the best feature of GBWhatsapp is that it allows you to hide your online status easily.

Anti – Revoke Message

A lot of us don’t want people to delete the messages they have already sent but we have no choice in this regard.

Now the time has changed and GBWhatsapp plus brings you the privilege of viewing the messages which were revoked by the users even when they revoke it using it’s most popular feature i.e anti-revoke.

Hide View Status

You might not want to let a person know that you viewed their status update because of personal reasons. The hide view feature in GBWhatsapp does the exact thing to help you achieve that goal. You can find it in the settings menu.

Auto Reply

People are shocked to see this feature being applied in the GBWhatsapp because of its convenience. You can easily setup an auto reply bot and use it to create a default reply for any type of message you receive. You can also set a default reply for every message you receive.

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