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If you are tired of role-playing games and violent fight scenes? What if you enjoy a soft game when your vacation time feels more relaxed? Cooking Dash is a game that will give you fantastic moments. There is no violence, no pressure mission. You will be a chef and cooking for all. With simple gameplay and captivating, Cooking Dash promises an unforgettable experience. Enter what products Glu Company I find interesting!HistoryDash cooking story revolves around the main character flows around with your work in a restaurant. Previously Flo was also a cook. But in the process of working, he led his role and always try to finish best. The coach stream was soon promoted. At the same time, in the absence of the main cook of manpower, absence due to family and work is called restaurant leave. Prior to this position, Flo Chef was forced to go back to the restaurant chain to work easier as he continued alone. Although there is a lot of pressure, it is also an opportunity to show her what she learned during a working restaurant.Cooking out of their way!In this game, you play as a chef flow and serve customers for their work cooking. You will be able to choose the game mode for the first time to start its try sequence. In two game modes, you can choose the story mode and the infinity mode. The story mode is considered as a relatively easy way. The sequencing work is not much in this mode. The number of visitors to the restaurant is also quite the amount of work that you do not have to cut. Endless mode, you can offer a game of three levels: easy, medium and difficult. Depending on your choice, the goal will be different to accomplish. However, if you are a new player, you should get used to the rest of the level to win, then gradually select the other two levels.With the usual game, when you start to play, take a system of a kitchen, where you will be cooking for their work. Only two people in the kitchen, you and the other chef are involved. You take care of the initial process of cooking food. At the same time, you take care of other things such as orders, customer service, cleaning the kitchen, …Restaurant guests order some, and they have to wait a certain amount of time. During this time, you must make your order fast food. They are used successfully to get customers bonuses, but if you make them wait too long, they get angry and leave the restaurant lost because of customers. There are times when visitors are busy with their work. You have to order; You have to cook and bring them food. But you must always carefully burn your kitchen because the food is prepared, and you do not burn off the food filling the stove, and you need to redo the new court.So you need to increase the facilities for the kitchen to make it less stressful. In the beginning, you only have two gas stoves and no place to cook. But during the game, you have to collect money and high levels. You need to unlock new features such as a microwave, stove, oven, and tools … many other ways to reduce productivity and increase processing time as needed. Cooking Dash is a true simulation game. If you know your restaurant management functions perfectly know or leave if the customer service plan, business sector, new equipment, etc. are a bit busy, Cooking Dash expands to buy many unforgettable experiences.

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