How To Protect Yourself On Public WiFi Networks

How we started feel and we react when we see an listen there is any free Wi-Fi network available in the area we are standing we are sitting waiting for the one . We are doing some work all day it is just like weekend Falls. If you are working maybe from the office, bus stand railway station,and  you really want to save your mobile network data from your Android smartphone or PC desktop or laptop but even after getting the free Wi-Fi you are worried about the security of your phone especially when you are out of station for your about to leave to the other places so we have make a list by following that steps you can stay safe even on the free Wi-Fi network or we will give you some other options.

Get your Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot with you

To avoid the unfaithful networks for the security of your phone and your choosing the free Wi-Fi networks you don’t have faith on them actually but it is not the real way for saving your phone from any public Wi-Fi but if you can avoid the public Wi-Fi. When you are out and you want to access the internet you can bring your own Wifi portable modem or you can even use the mobiles portable hotspot you can connect on your front smartphone in which you want to continue using data which you are a ever using through free Wi-Fi network . It has both the approach for which you can stay off and the public Wi-Fi and when you are even waiting at the airport for your flight to come or on you can on your mobile data while avoiding the free Wi-Fi.

Update your antivirus and antimalware time to time

If you try to connect your mobile or any other device through public Wi-Fi first of all you have to make sure that your phone is having the antivirus and antimalware softwares in them. So that it can scan and can search for any types of untrusted and Unfaithful things to keep them away from your Android smartphone . There are many types of anti Malware and antiviruses but malwarebytes, is one of my favourite which regularly comes out with the best of its results even factors . We have the options if you use you use to connect these public hotspot or public Wi-Fi. You can have the Avira for your Windows desktop your laptops and if you have the Apple devices like macbooks you can have the sophos. Whatever device you use you should keep your device up to date and all softwares up to date. So that the new things which are improved will help you to keep your smartphone and other devices safe.

Do not use and turn off the file sharing and AirDrop while you are connected to free WiFi

The user of the smartphone might not be able to access the network which they are using. But the user have the option to control their devices as they want to if you are PC or laptop or Macbook user. Then it might be happen like your smartphone or your own device also as files in which you want to share as file sharing and which drives to assume that you are having be that device which you would be trusted or not and you can share that files with another trusted device If you are using the free Wi-Fi you must keep in mind that your mobiles or PC or any other device file sharing and the options of sharing the files like airdrop ,Mi Drop, and many more.

should be turned off While Using the Free Public Wi-Fi.

About the Author: Shekhar