How To Unblock Someone From Android

Did this ever happened with you that you have blocked someone by mistake but now it’s hard to them that this was just an accident or you did this with a mistake. The number should be unblocked anyhow a proper sequence should be followed. There are many apps on Android in which you have to block or unblock someone like GBWhatsApp, Instagram etc. There is no other way to get the number unblocked. Different brands have different ways which are followed by few steps which need to be followed.

There is no particular way for each and every device from which you can unblock the number from device are from Android device. There are various apps on which hard stress to be late upon as they do not work accordingly. In this case you need to reinstall the app again and again until and unless it removes all the phone numbers or contacts from the Android device. After the work is done you can uninstall the app all again on the other side you can also get information regarding the details or information of someone who is using private number and is trying to reach you through a phone call .Now the following are given the steps which need to be followed one by one .Without this the mission will not be successful and you will not get any satisfactory result.

Unblock private number

Sometimes we may feel so uneasy to answer a phone call which is from private or unknown number . Sometimes rather than picking up the call we prefer to take a voicemail so that we can find later that whether we want to talk to that person or not .There are various methods which you can use in order to know the identity of the person calling you from the private number or unknown number. The first method that you can use is to use an app.

There are various applications available on Google Play in order to track the information of the person who is using private or unknown number and from the following apps you can even unblock the numbers which were blocked earlier on Android device .The applications which are available on Google Play Store are True Caller and caller ID and number locator .

From these following apps you can get there location on Google map and this allows you to access any track of any phone number or landline number. In approx 240 countries this application allows the search of number even without internet connection.

Even there is another way or method through which you can track an unknown caller or the person who is using private number .The method is known as phone number prefixes.

There are some prefixes which are mentioned on internet so that you can call back that number by using that prefixes. This method is not so popular that .In case if you don’t want to talk to any unknown person otherwise sometimes while calling back you may have to have a conversation with the person who called you with private or unknown number.

Involve authorities

If you are receiving scary unwanted calls from the private number the last option you are left with is to involve the authorities like the cops or the phone company. This type of calls are always Helsing and threatening which a person has never imagined and here it becomes quite obvious to involve the authorities. All the officials, the authorities may get to trace the call of certain number which will be directed to the police and you will have to pick the call because otherwise if you will not answer the call, all the efforts will go in  vain.

About the Author: Shekhar